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July 20, 2008



When I went there I was given a wrong room number, went to the desk and they appologized profusely and upgraded me to the grand suite with out me even asking. Pics to prove it on my blog.


Jessica- that's great! I have a reservation to go back, another girls' weekend, we'll see in a couple of weeks how their recovery is for me. Wish me luck!


I stayed there two years ago for one night. Room carpet was so dirty my socks turned black on the bottoms. Was told there were no other rooms available to switch to.

Following morning tried to go to the tower. Had the photographer at the base threaten to have me banned from the tower if I didn't stop to take one of their cheesy tourist photos before boarding the elevator up. I said bring on the manager at which point I was let through.

Will never ever stay there again.


Hey! I HAD that room. The small dirty dingy one. Thank goodness I didn't stay long.

On another trip they upgraded me to a Grand Suite. No reason why. Just lucky I guess (should have played the slots that night)

That's how it's been for me. Hit or miss. I don't expect a lot from the Strat and am always happy when I get more than expected.

But you gotta love the view from the tower..


Ok so now that you have made the CNN website....Have you gone back yet?


You go to Vegas four times in one year, and you rent a Corvette when you go there? To what, sit in the gridlocked traffic on the Strip?

You shallow prententious twit. You deserve to find out how nasty that city really is. That can't be avoided with so many "repeat" visits.


Yup, 2 blog posts....


Huh? How did going to Vegas and driving a corvette make anyone shallow, pretentious or a twit?

Or "deserving" of finding the nasty side of anything - especially you, "billyjoe". I suppose that all lower case indicates a lack of opposable thumbs?

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