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Our teens are hooked on Baby Smash

This is what nerds do when they become parents- Baby Smash.


With his young (toddlers and less) kids wanted to be like daddy, Scott needed something for them to do.  Without causing harm to daddy's computers.  So, tadah, Baby Smash.


Now our teens are hooked.  Gee, THANKS Scott ;-).


Hard to explain, just go look, you need sound.


PS.  My husband David Yack plays it too, last night for like 10 minutes.


Baby Smash! by Scott Hanselman

Microsoft CRM 4.0 annoyance number.....

Ok, follow me here...


I have a picklist.


I have in this picklist values that are meaningful to my client.  They are steps in a process that they use.  These steps have names.  I am able on the attribute to place these steps in any order I please.  I am able to move the order around.  Pretty good little tool so far.  Behind each text value is a numeric value (pretty simple from my end starts with one and goes up by one for each item on list).  So, for my user, these items are working well, logical, works for them.


I now need to add a report for this client.  We need to use the values from this picklist and know how many records are in each bucket.  We won't discuss the reporting tool here, it has good and bad.  It doesn't work the way my brain would expect it to work.  but it makes reports.  I wanted to show my client how to make and use reports from CRM without passing it off to a developer, so don't suggest that, it would defeat one of the main purposes of the exercise.


So, I get my records to report on.


I make a grouping by the values in this picklist.


Take out those with no data.


The only way for these values to appear is in ALPHABETICAL order, ascending or descending.  What the heck?  If I wanted alpha order, shouldn't I just put it in that order on the list?  Shouldn't it be the way I put it on the picklist for reporting too?  Maybe give me an option for alpha order or system order?  But, alas, I am stuck with alpha ordering on a report where it makes NO SENSE.




Signs that I'm doing ok as a parent

Driving home today with the kids, Queen blaring on the radio, I realized I'm doing an ok job.  How do I know this?


Well, consider...


  • They each knows the words to at least 5 songs by Queen, including Fat Bottomed Girls
  • When anyone says "$2", they respond with "I want my $2".
  • They know why you can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat.
  • They know the difference between Van Halen and Van Hagar
  • When they are not paying attention and I say "Bueller?" they roll their eyes at me.
  • They knew who Slash was BEFORE Guitar Hero came out


See, not doing too bad, right?

Yahoo plus Google=Yahoogle?

So this better not get past those anti-trust people.  I love love love free enterprise, survival of the fittest, the American dream and all that.  HOWEVER, it has to be fair.  This would not be fair.


link to story here


Yahoo reminds me of that popular girl in high school, at about age 32.  She was sooo hot and popular back in the day and expects the real world to revolve around her still, even though she is no where near as hot as she used to be.  Just because she wants it to be that way, no real reason, except the past.


Yahoo is my preferred search engine- I will "google" (verb) something using Yahoo actually.  I prefer its interface and extra info I get like headlines and what not.  That is the same reason many people I know don't like Yahoo and use Google instead, plain vanilla.


I just don't think this is fair.  Not whining.  Not stomping my foot.  Just don't think it's fair.  Yahoo is great, I love using it.  But they are not as hot as they used to be- their stock prices show their REAL value.  That is what matters, not their perceived value.