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Today's worthless Windows error message

Internet explorer seemed stuck.  No idea if it was an explorer issue.  A Vista issue.  An issue with the site I was navigating to or from.  No biggie.  Close IE.  Start over again.  World will go on.

I was going from one news website to another.  Again, not Earth-shattering.

My error message sounds rather ominous.   Wow, "may cause some problems".  Like what?  Then I can decide if it's worth it, right?


Political survey phone call tonight

Every now and then you may see a political blog post from me, and those who know me in person know I have some pretty strong political beliefs and I'm not afraid to share them.  But one of my strongest beliefs is that YOUR beliefs are just as important to me as my own.  Seriously.


So, when during American Idol the phone rang with a political survey, I had no choice but to pause (love DVR) to answer the questions.


Ok- typical....If McCain vs Clinton, who would you support?

If McCain vs Obama, who would you support?

Conservative, moderate or liberal?


So far so good, right?

Then I go this one...

Do you think marijuana should be legalized and regulated so it too can contribute to the downfall of our culture much in the way alcohol has done?


W.  T.  H.?????


I refused to answer the question and told the lady on the other end how awful the question was...there is no good way to answer the question.


So, why do I post this?  So that when you, who all should be politically aware and active, see these surveys you take the results with a grain of salt- or sometimes an entire salt mine.

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope is pretty cool

So I saw a story on the newspaper from Portage, Indiana today about a Microsoft telescope.  I was a little skeptical- if know know me, you already knew I would be.  So, I click thru and find out it's pretty darn cool. 


Click thru below and look around, then go ahead and download their stuff.  I need to spend some more time on it, it is a bit dizzying when it navigates around.  I am sure that is just user generated issues and that as I explore and learn more of it, I won't get so dizzy flying around the universe.


Make sure to watch the tour about black holes, pretty cool pictures and some history about them.  We often times have dinner conversations about the future of space travel and how to do it, worm holes.  Off to see if they have footage of those.



WorldWide Telescope

It ain't Mother's Day without a trip to the ER

At least it only took 2 hours. Arrive, wait, triage, wait, xray, wait,moved to cubicle, wait, see admitting guy, wait, see nurse, wait, see doctor, wait, see cast guy, wait, see nurse, go home.


Jack hurt her ankle on air today at the zoo while walking downhill.  Torn and pulled ligaments in her ankle.  Splint and crutches for a few days.




Pardon the quality of the image, but not bad cell phone pic, eh?  Notice the silver toenails please, she just did them today.

Larger than zero bytes- geee thanks!

So, I went looking for a file today when I noticed I was running out of space on my C drive.  Only reason I even noticed was the big RED graphic.  This laptop is fairly new and has a good deal of space, one of the reasons I needed a new one was always in need of space.


So, like any of you would, I started looking to see what was new that would take up a chunk, what could be moved over to D, what was disposable, etc.


Good thing to know that my windows user folder is "bigger than 0 bytes".

really useful


Now THAT was helpful.

User group member Blogs?

So last night I could only stop at out meeting for a moment, right at the end.  I was fortunate enough to meet Eric (aka "the new guy").  He suggested a blog page on our group site so new people (or old ones too) could find people in the local community and what they are blogging about.


So, knowing that we all are volunteers, I just plopped out on our site a template page that our service provider offers to house these blogs.


To get on, just drop me an email, I'll get your info up as soon as I can. 


And if you found me because of the user group site, hello!  I'd love to hear from you.

User group Member- Blogs

See why kids need cell phones?

I get a lot of flack because both my kids have cell phones.  And have for a few years.

They have them for my convenience and for emergencies.  Obviously, mostly for my convenience.   So far we've had one honest to goodness emergency and that one was enough to convince me they will keep their phones.  Fuss at me all you want.


This 13 yr old girl was home from school sick (which is a topic for a different debate, but I can see the reasoning here).  She heard people break into her house and texted her mom because it would not be heard.  Mom called 911 and rushed home and was wrestling with one of the intruders when police arrived.  Good for her!!  Good for mom for having a phone for her!



With intruders just feet away, teen texts for help - TODAY: People -