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Three words about MIX08

Microsoft Expands Interoperability

Sounds like great buzzwords to me.  What does it mean?  To me?  (might see a little soap-box action here, you've been warned)


So, it means they, Microsoft have made it a point to strategically encourage development and choice when we (software providers) build our next wiz-bang.  Sounds great until you dissect it.


(Official words here from Microsoft, I obviously am Julie-izing this).


To me, it really means we have lost.  We still being software providers.  Those that innovate. Those that succeed.
Those that everyone wants to be like.  And why?  (go ahead, tilt your head and think about that for a sec).


So, in the world we have created, (the world where every child gets an award on field day, regardless of performance) this makes sense.  But what it really does is lessens the accomplishments of the hardest working innovators.  What motivation will there be to be the best when at the end of the day you have to share with all the others that just waited for you to do all the hard work?


While I appreciate what Microsoft has done here, and what I hope others will do when they follow Microsoft's lead yet again, I just can't wrap my head around this and make it seem right.  I know there has been tremendous pressure from governments and lawsuits and that is just not fair.


(yes, I see where it will contribute to collaborative efforts and blah blah blah.  I see where it was the "right" thing for Microsoft to do.  I "get it".  I don't have to agree with what caused it.  I happen to like free enterprise and the American Dream.)



From you finger tips to Bill's eyes...Amen.

(or, I guess now it's Steve's eyes)

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