Scrum master training- end of day one
Microsoft Expands Interoperability

Master of the Scrum :-)

So, it is now official, I am a Scrum Master.


I am still a great fan of the process, but in my world I really see me picking and choosing scrum ingredients into my work.  I have some great ideas on ways to tweak our process to be more effective.


I should be better at offering advice and suggestions to other groups when asked.  And like it or not, the world we live in likes titles and certifications and initials after a name.  So I have one more of those to add to the mix and to some that might lend our teams more credibility in their eyes (until we earn it based on our performances).


One of the things I do is coach presenters and facilitators and teachers.  The leader of this class was great.  She kept us interested.  She knew her subject first hand (not from a book, she has actually DONE it).  She knew basics about her audience and then paid attention and tweaked the materials as we went along to give us the class we needed.  She was engaging- made it a safe place to offer publicly our input/questions.   (thanks Tamara!)

My only complaint would be I AM TIRED OF PANERA BREAD.  I know from running events, big and small, that if the only complaint is the food, the event goes into the success column.


So, would I do it again?  You bet.


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