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Developer tools for schools from Microsoft- CHEAP

So, I have been on a bit of a crusade these days.  I work with both my kids' schools helping with technology.  We talk software, hardware, curriculum, etc.

I have thought for the longest time thought that they must be paying too much for software.  There is always someone that wants to discount for schools.  I now have a very tangible example and need to get the word out!

If a high school wants to teach a .NET developer class, they would need the MSDN developer subscription.  That retails for $1,200.  Class of 20 students, copy at school, copy at home for homework, that's $48,000.  Under the MSDN Academic Alliance, it's $299.  $299!!!!!  AND it's unlimited as to quantity of seats as long as they are used for students enrolled in the classes.

Look here


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