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It's acoustic, NOT digital- GASP, the horror!

Our piano was delivered today.  Dave and I discussed digital vs acoustic- are you surprised????  The digital is cheaper (CHEAPER!) but my biggest issue was not everything in my life has to revolve around something to do with technology- yes, I SAID THAT.  The acoustic one sounds soooo nice and looks very pretty in the living room.  Jack already practicing songsto play for Dave when he comes home-she is working hard and enjoying it.

I think it will be nice having something to just relax to- that does not require a power supply or RAM or really anything. 


Thank you Tim Leigh! Good news!!

I have been whining about all the doom and gloom in real estate.  I know, whining.

I woke up this morning to this from Tim Leigh....(I know it's regional, but hey, right now we just need to take what we can get!)

Home values holding their own in Pikes Peak region

In the latest ERA Shields "Stat Pac report," the company's realtors take a look at the state of the Colorado Springs residential real estate market.  Shields' analysts compare home valuation histories for the United Statesas a whole and for the Pikes Peak region.  Based on data collected since 1998 by Standard & Poor's and economist Robert Schiller, the country has the largest home price declines since 1987, ranging from a high of 16 percent positive appreciation to a low of close to 4 percent depreciation through 2006.  The local realtors point out that during 2006, the nation was at 199 percent of the median value established in 1998, or a net gain of 89 percent.

Colorado Springs, in contrast, was up 50 percent for the same period for a 39 percent net difference.  If there is good news, it's that while the national lows of 4 percent are affecting the national lenders and home building sectors, locally we profile much stronger as a market.  "Our median is right where it was last year, and our local average home value is up 1.7 percent," the report said.

Zillow, wow more funding!!!

hmmmmm, what could I do with $87,000,000?!??!?!  That would be a lot of, wait, not me personally, my company, what could we do with $87,000,000????

I would imagine we could do pretty much what Zillow is doing and more.  Zillow is great, but they suffer from the "Google syndrome".  Lack of focus.  And they have lack of focus, but plenty of attention.  Zillow is full of great ideas, they have decent numbers (but their Alexa rank is steadily heading to the basement).  In the volitile real estate market, Zillow needs a focus.  They can't please all of the people all of the time.  If they stop trying and start focusing, I really see good things coming from them.

Inman had the article about more Zillow fudning this week....Zillow gets MORE money


Economics according to Julie

The fed lowered the rate this week.  Not only did they lower the rate, they lowered it a full half-percent!  I couldn't disagree with this more!!!

Low interest rates are the problem!!  Hello?  McFly are you in there?

People are borrowing like crazy cause the rates are so low!  People are not paying their notes. Banks are losing money.  If the fed had raised the rate then fewer people would borrow money and fewer people would be winding up in foreclosure.  We need a level set term where people don't do a whole lot of anything.

End of rant, back to your regularly scheduled blog.


Had a phone call yesterday with a potential new client.  They need some help with testing, quality control and in general just breaking their software created by their in-house developers.  They are also in an industry that I know pretty well, so I am already fairly familar with the industry specific aspects of their work.

I am giddy.  I can't wait to get my hands on their work and go thru it and learn it and work with them.

How sad is that, I am grinning and this excited about SOFTWARE?

Should I form "nerds anonymous"?  Who would join?