Browser compatability Woes

My apologies- this will sound like whining, because that is what I am doing.

It has been said that Microsoft's worst competition is itself.  That is so very true.  And it is easy to see it right now.  IE6 vs IE7.  Don't get me wrong, IE7 is a great new tool.  But now the time needed both in new developments and grandfathering prior versions is rather time consuming, 

And you never know when a browser compatibility issue will sneak up on you. 

Some are more annoying than anything- there might be less space between columns on a page.  No big deal.  Then there are the baffling ones- the case of the disappearing CLOSE buttons of float panels.  Who woulda thunk that one?

There are so many people that are just as happy as can be with IE6 and have no plans to upgrade.  There are the hold-outs that think Microsoft is the root of all evil and they refuse to support them (whole n'other post there!).  And fortunately there are those that eagerly anticipate the new cool features and grab it as soon as the first beta becomes available.   From a development perspective, it just proves a bit more challenging to make all these groups happy at the same time.

Don't get me started on Firefox.

Colorado Springs Launch event!

We are working out the final details, but we are having our own local Vista, Office 2007 launch event with our regular user group.  As always, guests are welcome, we love to see new people.

So far on the agenda...

Ben Hoelting giving a launch talk for developers.

Adrienne Reid teaching some hands on lessons for users of Vista and Office 2007.

Dave Milner (and son) demonstrating lego robotics.

We have great giveaways and it looks to be a great time.  Registration and links with more details coming soon.  Stay tuned....


I'm back

So, I have taken quite the break from blogging.  I am back.  I have a pacing partner and we are going to challenge each other to blog more regularly (thankyouverymuchBen).

What does this mean....?

It means that there may be a lot of useful information disguised as mindless banter.